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How can you offer such a low price? Our resort sponsors are rarely at a 100% occupancy. They might fill up about 80% of their rooms leaving roughly 20% unoccupied, so rather than leaving those rooms empty they put them in these promotions because it doesn’t cost them anything for you to stay in a room that was going to stay empty anyway, and they know once you return back home you’ll tell all your friends and family members how great the accommodations & amenities were, giving the resorts good word of mouth advertising and by you doing that, were able to generate repeat and referral business and are able to save the resorts thousands of dollars on TV and Radio advertising costs, as well as saving you thousands on the vacations!!  So it’s a Win/Win situation for everyone!




What’s the catch? It’s probably going to be Mahi Mahi or some good yellow tail snapper when you’re fishing in the turquoise waters off Florida’s many beaches! There’s no catch! The resorts just ask for a short guided tour of their host resort properties in exchange they pay 85% of your vacation cost. Small sacrifice high reward!





How many people can I travel with? The package is good for 4 adults or 5 with children 12 and under. In Orlando the upgrade option to the two bedroom resort accommodates 6 travelers.




What are the qualifications for the offer?                                   Age requirement is 25 and over. Income requirement is $50,000 combined household income, unless using the 8/7 resort stay voucher or a 3/2 bonus vacation, do not require qualifications since no tour is needed. Single males must travel with a cohabit or qualified traveler (married or cohabitating couples or single female). 





What are my out of pocket expenses? Your basic out of pocket expenses are transportation, room taxes at the hotels, room service, port tax, gratuities, and alcohol for the cruise.



Are the vacations transferable? Yes. The vacations are fully transferable to a qualified friend or family member of your choice.





Do I need a major credit card? Yes resorts require a major credit card at check in for room tax.



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